Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little accident

I had a little accident on Monday with a mandolin slicer. I was slicing a cucumber and I accidentally sliced off a piece of my finger.

I never knew that a piece of skin could actually look like a tiny piece of ginger, but that's exactly what it looked like.
The bleeding just would not stop, so I went to a nearby medical clinic. The doctor put on a bandage, and as he was cutting the tape he also cut my finger with the scissors.

Luis, being a medical technologist who has seen a lot of bacteria under the microscope, really freaked out upon hearing that a doctor's scissors pierced my skin. So, on Luis's advice, I called up the doctor and asked him what precautions I should take. He was really trying to say that I shouldn't have to worry. I told him I would really like a hepatitis B shot. So I had to go to a nearby hospital's emergency room to get a hepatitis B shot. They also gave me a tetanus booster.
The doctor at the hospital told me that the doctor who cut me was totally irresponsible in not explaining to me the risk factors. But the hospital doctor also explained to me that the risk of contracting something from a scissor that's mainly used to cut tape is as close to nil as possible.

Fortunately I have voice dictation software because it is very difficult tight with a huge bandage on a finger. But if you do you see some strange words appearing on my blog it's because I'm using this voice dictation software that sometimes makes mistakes.