Monday, October 22, 2012

Alexandre Bilodeau is a true Canadian Hero

I found this in my drafts folder... (It's an old entry but still appropriate.)

I've lived in Canada for less than two years, but I understand very well why Alexander Bilodeau is a national hero. It's not just because he won gold in men's freestyle moguls. It's not only because he won Canada's first-ever gold medal on home soil, after gold droughts in Montréal and Calgary.
He's also a hero because he's so humble; Canada loves humility.
And Canada loves people who fight for those who are less fortunate.
So what better than to have a humble gold medalist who looks up to his older brother, who has cerebral palsy?
Bliodeau pulled his brother out of his wheelchair with such ease before a CTV interview that it was clear he was accustomed to helping his brother get up and walk. It was clear that he remained close to his brother. He doesn't pity his brother; he admires him. And that's how it should be.
Within a few days after immigrating here from the USA in July 2008, I learned about another Canadian hero, Terry Fox, who had cancer and ran across Canada, with one prosthetic leg, to raise money for cancer research.
I can't think of one American who is not only well-known but also revered because he raised money for charity. Canada's national heroes are different from national heroes of other countries.
And Bilodeau fits right in with Canada's blueprint for heroism.
Congratulations, Alexandre. As a new immigrant to Canada, I am proud to call you my hero.

Don't Worry. I've Suffered All My Life.

There's a great Colombian expression that Luis and I have imported to Canada.
Suppose you are sitting and you offer me your seat.
I could say: "No te preocupes. He sufrido toda mi vida."
It means, "Don't worry. I've suffered all my life."
What a wonderful Colombian expression!
Every time I say it people just laugh hysterically.
For the last year, we've had lots of our friends in Vancouver picking up the expression.
It's a hit every time.
It's just so much fun to have make laugh so much.