Monday, December 15, 2014

EMyth #HoldMeToIt

We're hoping that EMyth Small Business Coaching and Consulting ( help us grow our business in 2015. Although I've written about business for 14 years as a journalist, running a small business is quite a different thing. There are so many challenges – from operations to marketing – that present so many different problems for small business owners. Next year, we'd like to grow our SAT and ACT tutoring business online, as many students want to prepare for the SAT and ACT in parts of the country in which there is no SAT or ACT preparation locally. 
In order to grow online, we really need to focus our marketing online. My idea would be to focus on a particular region and build business region by region.
We would need help with
·        Search engine optimization: We definitely want to do white-hat (legitimate) search engine optimization.
·        Blogging: It sounds old school, but I believe this would still be an important part of our online marketing. We’d like to figure out the most effective way to blog.
·        E-mail marketing: We are just starting to get into marketing via email using email marketing tool ConstantContact. We’d like to figure out how to make best use of this tool, including launching a newsletter.
·        Online advertising: Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp. The possibilities for online advertising are endless and often leave me, as a business owner, confused. I’d like to find out the best online advertising for my business.
·        Social media marketing. We would like to find out about particular social media campaigns that would build awareness about our services.
·        Video marketing. Marketing via video seems to be all the rage nowadays. We’d like to find out how we can use video marketing.
·        An in-bound call center. Customers understandably despise voicemail. We’d like to find the best way to start and maintain calls through an inbound call center.

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